Manage your business

Thanks to its ease of use makes your work more pleasant,

your involvement with the company grows and increases productivity.

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With witNAV we make sure to provide the user with the most dynamic and fast experience possible. Using the most innovative technologies in the sector.
For us the user experience is vital issue, we work to make our environment and our interface intuitive and useful. Our adaptability to most devices defines us and we work every day to make it even bigger.
witNAV offers us a comfortable configuration along with documentation and multimedia material to facilitate the use

“With witNAV you can work intuitively, taking advantage of each and every one of the features that make its use a great experience.”

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“Discover the witNAV functionalities, from stock control to product management and promotions. You will always have your updated catalog available online and offline.”

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“witNAV adjusts to all your work devices. Organize the tool with your preferences thanks to its configurable configuration.”

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witNAV installation

witNAV laptop

witNAV installation

Install the software to start enjoying all its advantages. Remember that the first license is free. Check our tutorials or FAQS for a correct installation, for more questions contact us.

witNAV Prices

witNAV is licensed by device, once a device is activated, it can be used by many salespersons if needed. On the other hand, if a salesperson wants to use 2 devices, both of them should be activated. Additional users can be added under the pay-per-use model, so you only pay for the salespersons that you need.

You can add additional salespersons at any moment, and the new salesperson will only have to download the App, and enter 3 values (company, user, password) then he will be ready to do new orders.

9’99€/month. Aditional price for device.

First license FREE.

witNAV tablet configuration

Contact Us

We will be happy to answer any doubts, suggestions or comments you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us, we have a specialized technical department to carry out installations and provide remote support. Any suggestions on our application will be well received and taken care of as soon as possible.

And of course if you come to Barcelona you are invited to our offices.
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